Frozen Yogurt
Comes in four delicious flavours from Natural ,strawberry , chocolate and a seasonal . with over 30 topping including freshly cut fruits which vary from season to season.

Fruit Parfait
Made with layers of  fresh fruit, 7 Wholegrain granola and our ever so tasty Fruit.

Fruit Cup
Made with layers of fresh fruit of your choice.

Made with fresh Fruit. Add your favourite toppings and have them blended into your signature drink.

Waffle Cone
Enjoy your Fruit on a waffle cone, either on its own or with up to 2 toppings.

The perfect drink for any day  made with favourite chocolates and/or fresh fruit.


Hot Beverages
Hot Beverages are a great way to relax and enjoy.

Waffle Cookies
Fresh in store every day, perfect ingredients to trickle your taste and serve with frozen yogurt and with fresh topping